Travel Assignments

Experience Diversity Embrace the opportunity to work in various healthcare settings across the U.S., including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.

Flexibility and Freedom Choose assignments that match your lifestyle, with flexible durations and locations.

Competitive Compensation Benefit from top-tier pay rates, comprehensive health benefits, and housing stipends.

Professional Growth Enhance your skills with diverse clinical experiences and continuous professional development opportunities.
Supportive Environment: Enjoy full support from our dedicated staff for a smooth and fulfilling work experience.

Travel Assignments in Different States of America

Looking to make a difference without an RN experience?

Ready to make a difference in healthcare but lack RN experience? No problem! At McCare Global Healthcare US, we welcome aspiring nurses and provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you thrive in your new role. Join us and start your fulfilling career journey today!

More Than a Placement, a Pathway to Your Future

Experience unparalleled career enhancement with McCare Global Healthcare US, your trusted partner in U.S. nursing opportunities. We're not just about placements, we're about building your future in nursing with comprehensive support, top-tier benefits, and a pathway to permanent residency. Join us to transform your professional journey and reach new heights in nursing.

What types of facilities can I work in with your travel assignments?

You can work in hospitals, long-term care, and skilled nursing facilities across various states in the U.S., depending on your preferences and needs.

How do you support the TN Visa to Permanent Residency process?

We provide complete guidance on the visa process, including legal assistance and all necessary documentation to ensure a smooth transition to permanent residency.

Are there opportunities for nurses without U.S. experience?

Absolutely! We offer orientation and training programs to help you adapt to the U.S. healthcare environment confidently.

What makes McCare Global Healthcare Services US different from other nursing agencies?

Our commitment to your professional and personal growth sets us apart. We offer competitive salaries, flexible work options, and full support through every step of your journey in the U.S.