Travel Nursing

As a travel nurse with McCare, you choose where in the US you wish to work. Additionally, you will gain experience, strengthen your nursing and management skills, and receive amazing pay as a result.

More reasons to join:

  • Benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Opportunities in all states
  • Continuing Education

What You Need to Know

Here are some of the most common FAQ questions

How do I apply for Travel Nurse?

To become a travel nurse for McCareus, you must first complete an application online 

What are the minimum requirements of experience

You must have at least 12 months of experience in your specialty of choice at an acute care facility (some positions and assignments may require more experience, please contact your local branch office for more info).

How long would be the assignments?

Travel assignments are typically 13 weeks. Shorter or longer assignments may also be available.

How much should I earn?

At McCareUS we offer a competitive salary with our travel nursing pay rates.

Do you require a valid nursing license to work in a certain state?

Yes. You must have a valid nursing license in the state you will be working in. 

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